Monitoring systems – boring or not…

November 24, 2012, with 0 comments
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Having worked for a number of years in bigger and smaller sized companies, I tended to find monitoring tool quite boring. They naturally belong to server operating as they alarm staff in case of system errors, full disks etc.

After some additional thoughts, I came to my personal conclusion that monitoring is the core of IT operating. Monitoring tools are the eyes and ears of the administrators. They are the primary source of information that people work with – or should work with.

Maybe my earlier conclusion was due to bad implementation, both on process level and on system level for eventing and alerting. I recently discovered this great presentation:

which really is an eye-opener.  Read it and you will probably come to a similar conclusion like me.

One of the systems described here is Graphite. Unfortunately, the system does not run on Windows, my preferred development system. I’ve successfully ported Graphite to Windows using help from some friends. I’ll post my experience and a guide on this as soon as possible.

Stay tuned.

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